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transaction() can be used to return a response containing the transaction data conforming to the frames spec.



Type: TransactionTargetResponse

The transaction data to return.


export const POST = frames(async (ctx) => {
  // Do something with the request data to generate transaction data
  // Create calldata for the transaction using Viem's `encodeFunctionData`
  const myCalldata = encodeFunctionData({
    abi: myContractAbi,
    functionName: "myFunction",
    args: [myArg1, myArg2],
  // Return transaction data that conforms to the correct type
  return transaction({
    chainId: "eip155:10", // OP Mainnet
    method: "eth_sendTransaction",
    params: {
      abi: myContractAbi,
      to: myContractAddress,
      data: calldata,
      value: myValue.toString(),