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Local Debugging of your Frames

The frames.js debugger comes inside the frames.js starter repos and will run automatically when you run your code. By default it runs on port 3010, at http://localhost:3010.


  • fully interactive frames
  • connect wallet + transactions
  • performance analysis
  • frame validations
  • jump between Frames
  • inspect state
  • mock hub states
  • impersonate a user, or login with a real farcaster signer

Local Debugger CLI

You can install and run the frames.js debugger independently of your frame, including for frames.js that don't use frames.js via

npm install -g @frames.js/debugger


Hosted Debugger

We've provided a hosted version of the debugger for convenience. Note it won't work with localhost urls without a service like ngrok, which is why we recommend running a local debugger.